Multi-region VILT made easy with Heropa

The rise of Virtual Instructor-led Training

Virtual training, and specifically virtual-instructor led training (VILT) has been on the rise, with COVID-19 removing the ability to hold events, conferences and training sessions in person.

What’s great about VILT is more participants can be reached in more locations than ever before. This means new customers and regions are now accessible in a way that they previously were not.

In line with this, there have been improvements in the technology that powers VILT and virtual events. Most platforms offer live stream and pre-recorded sessions, multimedia presentations, and virtual networking tools as standard.

VILT and Virtual IT labs

Companies that train or sell software know how important hands-on experience is. Running VILT with Virtual IT labs gives these companies exactly that. In a virtual classroom, each participant receives access to a virtual lab environment that replicates a real world environment.

Run Multi-region VILT

Instructors often run into challenges providing participants in different regions access to virtual labs. Sending invitations to participants is simple, since labs can be accessed from anywhere. However, when the infrastructure is in a different region to the participant, this can impact virtual lab performance.

As a result, instructors often set up separate events in different regions to optimise virtual lab performance. This results in additional administrative overhead that is inefficient.

Multi-region VILT from the same virtual classroom

Heropa allows VILT to be run across multiple regions simultaneously. Within a single virtual classroom, you can spin up environments in more than one region. This provides participants with a virtual lab environment that’s local to them.

This is more convenient for instructors, and also ensures participants get the hands-on experience with software they need. And what’s more, all the other VILT features such as over-the-shoulder assistance, integrated chat, video and screen sharing are available as well.

To learn more about how to set up multi-region VILT, speak to us today.