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Any software, anywhere, anytime
High performing Virtual IT Labs for software training and sales

Increase user participation, engagement and retention with Heropa Virtual labs,
an essential part of training and selling software.

Virtual Training Software

Virtual Training

Provide the ideal learning environment with virtual IT labs that replicate real world environments. Easy to set up and simple to use, anywhere with an internet connection.

cloud based demo

Software Sales

Empower sales teams to run virtual sales demos of complex software configurations. Create labs for virtual events, POCs and trials, giving prospective customers hands-on experience with your software.

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Global Training Lead
Ido A
"The ability to view in real time what users are doing in their labs and quickly jump in to assist if needed. Users don't need to install anything on their computers or configure any special network access."
5 Star Rating
"Extremely useful platform for hands-on labs with a friendly and user-centric design."
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Head of Automation
Michal P
We have been customer with HEROPA over two and half years and we really appreciate great support from HEROPA guys. Their services are exactly what we have been looking for and I think they have a really great product which is really reliable.
5 Star Rating
"Our experience with HEROPA has been always great."
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Senior Customer Success Manager
Sean G
The general ability to self manage all aspects of the the events we run along with the flexibility to spin up instances on demand without the need to raise support ticket or request to our IT team cannot be understated enough.
5 Star Rating
"Some of the quickest support I have seen and such a wonderful tool for live & interactive events."
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Administrator in Computer & Network Security
I've had the pleasure of working a couple of support tickets with your support engineers and they have been nothing but outstanding to work with.
5 Star Rating
"Heropa technology is awesome but its your people who make it even better!"
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Richard K
The platform is amazing. It has changed the way we think about deploying both our class room and virtual events.
5 Star Rating
"HEROPA Has Been a Game Changer"

Why our customers LOVE US

A clean sweep of awards in G2’s Summer 2021 Report

Best Results

A partner that delivers results at every stage of your journey.

Best estimated ROI

Achieve ROI 3x faster, when compared to other Virtual IT lab providers.

Most likely to recommend

A customer-centric approach, resulting in a high NPS.

Most Implementable

Get to market 3x faster, with free setup support from us.

Highest User Adoption

A user-friendly interface for both admin and end users.

Best Support

A dedicated team providing responsive support, 24/7.

Heropa Features

Hands-on Experience

Heropa provides access to labs combined with training material, to give learners a hands-on learning experience.

Runs on Every Device

Heropa is 100% browser-based, providing easy and secure access to labs, with no software installation required.

Reports and Dashboard

Customisable dashboards and detailed analytics offer meaningful insights into user engagement with labs.

eCommerce Ready

With Heropa, you have the option to deliver either free or paid courses.

Easily Scale as you Grow

You only pay for what you use. We have points of presence globally so performance is guaranteed.

Custom Branding

Heropa is easily customised to reflect your brand and extend your customer experience online.