macOS desktops on-demand

Heropa Partners with AWS to Deliver macOS Desktops On-demand

We’re thrilled to share that on-demand macOS desktops are now available in Heropa. Leveraging Amazon EC2 Mac instances, Heropa now provides access to cloud-hosted macOS instances at global scale.

Jason Kinsella, CEO of Heropa, explains:

“Software companies and training organizations can now use Heropa to give training participants a macOS desktop for hands-on practice during instructor-led and self-paced training. macOS virtual machines can be quickly provisioned, with flexibility to scale up or down as needed. This presents an appealing alternative for software companies previously shipping physical Macbooks to training sites, or locked in to fixed term contracts with a committed capacity.

In addition, the seamless integration of AWS EC2 Mac instances into complex sales demo and POC environments in Heropa allows cybersecurity software companies to create a true reflection of their customers’ setup which previously wasn’t possible.

We’re delighted to solve a major pain point for our customers by giving them access to high performance macOS desktops running natively on real Apple hardware. I’m also excited to continue expanding our partnership with AWS to develop innovative solutions to our customers’ needs.”

Learn more about using macOS desktops on-demand with Heropa here.