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Easily deliver instructor-led and self-paced training with Heropa
Engage learners with hands-on labs as part of your virtual training program
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Virtual Instructor-led Training

Create interactive, engaging virtual classrooms of any size with Heropa, anywhere in the world

Make it easy for instructors to set up virtual training environments using our simple wizard, importing their own VMs or using a pre-existing template. Send invitations directly from the platform so students can easily access the virtual classroom via their web browser, or launch it directly from their LMS.

Instructors can monitor student progress and provide virtual over-the-shoulder assistance with the ability to remotely view and manage the user’s desktop. Live chat, video and screensharing features within the platform deepen instructor-student engagement while in session.

Run VILT across multiple regions in the same classroom

When running a virtual classroom with participants in multiple regions, it’s great to be able to provide participants with an environment that’s local to them. Heropa provides the ability to spin up an environment in more than one region, all running from the same classroom.

virtual instructor led training
self paced labs

Self-paced Training

Effortlessly deliver training at scale via self-paced courses that are simple to manage and intuitive to use.

Provide learners with instant access to complex, real-world software environments they can learn about at their own pace. Learners can launch courses directly from their LMS, accessing a dedicated environment sandbox with customised content they can work through anywhere, at any time, and in any language.

Streamline the administration of self-paced courses with automated user and environment provisioning, and better manage cost due to automated environment suspensions and deletions after a pre-defined duration.

Succeed in hands-on training with Heropa

  • Easily set up environments via a wizard, template library, or import your own VMs
  • Create branded courses in multiple languages
  • Customize course content and include video, images and links to make training more interactive and engaging
  • Advanced instructor controls allow instructors to monitor student progress and help students in real-time
  • Leverage high performance infrastructure across 20 locations to ensure reliability of performance during virtual training sessions, anywhere, anytime
  • Hold VILT across multiple regions, making it easy to run global, distributed events
  • Remove administrative burden with automated user and environment provisioning, using scheduling capability to manage cost
  • Create templates and blueprints from class environments, making them easy to re-use

“Heropa elegantly solves a complex problem – one that seems straightforward to tackle until you try to do it well. It’s the fact that Heropa solves that problem really well, that makes it valuable to us.”

Mark Rothfield – Chief Technology Officer, Reveal Group

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