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Elevate SaaS training with a specialised training platform proven to increase adoption and retention across the SaaS customer lifecycle.
Customer training for SaaS

An all-in-one customer training solution

Successful SaaS companies understand the importance of customer education throughout the customer lifecycle, and prioritize customer training throughout. However, SaaS products are typically not built to support training objectives, and maintaining a separate training version can often prove challenging.

With Heropa’s platform for Customer Training, SaaS companies can develop superior training programs by providing hands-on software access to their customers throughout the SaaS customer lifecycle.

Our specialized training platform ensures SaaS training gets the desired results, by giving training and enablement teams in SaaS companies a tool to easily manage different learning modalities and provide rich, interactive training features, while also reducing any burden on IT. Training for both on-premises and SaaS versions can also be managed from the same platform.

Designed for SaaS

We understand that SaaS companies come in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of your infrastructure setup, Heropa plays nicely with your SaaS application in order to deliver quality customer training at scale. Deliver training using Heropa while running on your own cloud infrastructure, or install your application inside Heropa to give training teams more flexibility with a dedicated hosted training tenancy.

Our product also includes features designed to solve pain points shared by SaaS companies. For example, we’ve simplified the issuing of SaaS platform credentials via our credential management module. We’ve also made it possible to restrict access to training environments accessed via Heropa.

SaaS virtual training labs
Virtual Training Software

Virtual instructor-led training at scale

Heropa’s platform for SaaS Customer Training provides:

  • Virtual classroom capability for instructor-led training to replicate the interactive classroom experience, including visibility of participant screens and remote assistance
  • Simplified administration for course instructors to re-use, reset or destroy courses and classes
  • A customisable content module to integrate training material
  • Visibility of learner progress in both instructor-led or self-paced training, allowing for the provision of remote assistance when needed
  • Integrated analytics, leading to a better understanding of Training ROI
  • Facility to change and roll-out new versions of training quickly and efficiently in the ever-changing world of SaaS

Learn more about Heropa’s Virtual Training product here.