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Effortlessly provide hands-on virtual labs for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software training and sales, for both on-premise and cloud-based RPA applications.
Hands-on virtual labs for RPA

Virtual labs for RPA Software Training

Give training participants hands-on experience with RPA best practices and real-life automations with virtual labs.

Virtual instructor-led training (VILT)

Use Heropa’s virtual classroom capability to run VILT of specialised RPA training courses. Advanced course trainees gain real-world experience with access to complex RPA software configurations. What’s more, instructors can support them with over-the-shoulder monitoring and remote assistance when needed.

Self-paced training

Create on-demand training courses for RPA trainees to learn how to create their own RPA processes, objects and work queues, at their own pace.

Use self-paced labs for candidate screening in recruitment, and employee training for new hires. This ensures Centre-of-Excellence (CoE) standards around bot design and development can be maintained.

Learn more about Heropa’s Virtual Training product here.

Virtual labs for RPA Software Sales

Give hands-on access to a bot to attendees at your next marketing event. With this, attendees can access the cloud-based control center to import documents, build workflows, and learn how to design a bot.

Use virtual labs to demonstrate bot capability to prospective customers as part of your sales process.

Learn more about Heropa for Software Sales here.