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Create hosted demos of your software that can be left with your customers
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Easily deliver self-paced and instructor-led training
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Request a demo

Enable hands-on access at industry events and conferences
Showcase your software

Heropa provides you with a fast, easy and secure method to deliver software demos to prospective customers, software training to customers and staff, and hands-on labs for events and conferences.

Software Demos

Create hosted demos that can be left with your prospective customers

  • Give your sales teams access to a fully functioning, web-based environment to deliver product demos to prospective customers.
  • Centrally create, manage and deliver software demos, improving brand consistency and quality control.
  • Allow your prospective customers self-service access to hands-on demo environments as part of your marketing strategy.
  • Empower your sales engineers by giving them a platform to spin up demo environments on demand, which can then be customised to each customer’s specific requirements.
  • Easily share software demos with a prospective customer on the spot, so they can start trying it straight away.
  • Use the built-in analytics tools to better respond to a prospective customer’s questions and needs during all stages of the sales cycle.
  • Create branded channel partner portals for sales teams at channel partners to also deliver demos of your software. Set permissions and quotas by channel partner for chargeback accounting or resource allocation purposes.

Software Training

Easily train customers and internal staff on your software

  • Help your customers succeed by providing them with hands-on training of your software in complete and real lab environments.
  • Create scenario-based training courses to suit your customer’s particular needs and training challenges.
  • Provide your customers with access to a library of labs, either free or paid, for self-paced or instructor-led learning.
  • Give your internal teams the opportunity to develop their skills in a hands-on, safe sandbox environment.

Events and Conferences

Enable hands-on access to your software at events and conferences

  • Easily spin up hands-on labs for your sales engineers to showcase upcoming products and new features at industry events and conferences throughout the year.
  • Create and distribute event specific access coupons to track conference return on investment.

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The best way to get to know Virtual Labs is to get your hands on the actual product. Our free trial comes with unlimited access to our technical staff to accelerate your first lab deployment.

Why choose Heropa?

Close More Deals

By removing the constraints associated with traditional approaches to demos and proof of concepts, Heropa can significantly reduce your sales cycle.

Reduce Costs

Virtual Labs eliminates the need to invest and maintain data centre based customer demo environments. Realise significant cost savings by only paying for what you use.

Improve Productivity

Provide your sales engineers with access to a centrally managed library of pre-configured labs. Significantly reduce the time engineers spend building customised demos.

Gain meaningful insights

Virtual Labs comes with customer dashboards, metrics and alerts to help maintain visibility and manage proof of concept environments from a central location.

Increase Agility

Automated self-service provisioning by sales engineers and channel partners allows them to spin up and tear down virtual environments in minutes to match your current needs.

Easily deployed

Our Virtual Labs subject matter experts will assist you in every step of the way. Your existing VMs and training material can be easily imported.

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