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Run sales demos based on real world environments. Give prospects hands-on experience during events, POCs and trials.
Empower sales engineers with virtual labs for software sales
cloud based virtual training

Sales demos

Give sales engineers a simple way to build complex, customized demo environments that will improve the chance of a sale.

Heropa simplifies the sales demo process with the provision of centralized, standardized pre-built templates of even the most complex software configurations.

Managing demos is made easy, with simple invitation capability allowing single-click access to demo environments, together with advanced controls to manage environment provisioning. Integrated analytics provides visibility of demo usage amongst sales engineers.

POCs and Trials

Easily provide prospects with access to complex environments that replicate your real world software for POCs and Trials.

POCs and Trial environments are simple to set up and provide access to via a single click, giving prospects hands-on experience to test and trial your software.

Advanced analytics gives you full visibility of how prospects are engaging with their POC or Trial, so you can better support them through their buyer journey.

Centralized administration of POCs and Trials gives you flexibility to create customized POCs, and full control of user and environment provisioning.

virtual training environment

virtual events or conference platform

Events and Conferences

Provide hands-on access to software at events and conferences of any size, in any location, via virtual labs.

Showcase your software at scale, providing event and conference attendees with access to hands-on labs. Our high performance labs can handle being used by large numbers of attendees across multiple regions simultaneously.

Built in features include the ability to capture attendee details for lead generation, and to create and distribute event specific access coupons to track event ROI.

Succeed in software sales with Heropa

Easy set up of even the most complex environments

  • Easily set up environments via a wizard, template library, or import your own VMs
  • Create templates and blueprints from class environments, making them easy for sales engineers to re-use

One-click access to cloud-based labs

  • Send email invitations to sales prospects to access labs directly from the platform, or include invitation links in your own channels
  • Sales prospects can access labs in a single click, via any web browser
  • High performance labs provide instant access to environments so participants can start trialling software immediately

Flexible customization

  • Templates can be customized, providing flexibility for sales engineers to tailor environments for demos, POCs and trials based on prospect’s unique requirements

Advanced control over virtual lab environments

  • Remove administrative burden with automated user and environment provisioning, using resource scheduling capability to manage costs of POCs and Trials
  • Flexible control mean that POCs and Trials can be extended if prospects need more time, or shut down if not being used

Integrated analytics provides insights throughout the sales cycle

  • Use Dashboards to gain insights into prospect usage and engagement during POCs and Trials to better support their buyer journey
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