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Our cloud-native platform ensures predictable high performance across over 30 global locations. Combine high performance labs with our user-friendly interface, and it’s no wonder we rank as the #1 Virtual IT labs product when it comes to User Adoption.
A product that users love
With a dedicated engineering team to assist with infrastructure setup and migration, we’re here to ensure you get set up as quickly as possible. We’ll do the hard stuff so you can get off the ground in no time.
Expect to be live within a month
The Heropa team supports you every step of the way. Heropa is renowned for their responsive support, repeatedly winning Best Support of any Virtual IT Labs provider. Comprising of infrastructure experts who attend to your needs with care, we’re here for you 24/7.
Outstanding customer support
Payback period is a crucial consideration when looking at a Virtual IT labs solution. From our proactive approach to support and success, to our agility with feature requests, Heropa makes sure you derive value from your investment as early as possible.
With Heropa, expect ROI in 4 months

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A clean sweep of G2 awards

Highest User Adoption

A user-friendly interface for both admin and end users.

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High Customer Satisfaction rating for product performance.

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A customer-centric approach, resulting in a high NPS.

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All that you’ll ever need in a virtual lab software.

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Best Support

A dedicated team providing responsive support, 24/7.

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A partner that delivers results at every stage of your journey.

“Heropa elegantly solves a complex problem – one that seems straightforward to tackle until you try to do it well. It’s the fact that Heropa solves that problem really well, that makes it valuable to us.”

Mark Rothfield – Chief Technology Officer, Reveal Group