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We’re excited to share that Heropa has achieved Microsoft Co-sell Ready (“co-sell”) status.

The Microsoft co-sell program is a top-tier Microsoft partner program, and enables us to work with Microsoft’s sales organization to accelerate the growth of Heropa Virtual IT labs platform on Microsoft Azure. The co-sell program has generated more than $9.5 billion in contracted partner revenue and over 36,000 IP co-sell wins since its launch in 2017.

“Achieving the ‘Co-sell Ready’ status reflects our strong relationship with Microsoft and their ongoing support of Heropa in the Microsoft ScaleUp Program. We look forward to working with Microsoft to further grow Heropa,” said Jason Kinsella, CEO of Heropa.

Heropa is the pre-eminent Virtual IT labs platform for businesses that want to sell or train their software via labs and consolidate their solutions around Microsoft. Heropa leverages many of Microsoft Azure’s custom capabilities including nested virtualization capability to provide access to hands-on labs on demand. By allowing users to directly access labs with Hyper V, they can easily create labs and build courses that require installation of bare metal virtual machines.

Heropa’s clients run virtual labs on Microsoft Azure’s high performance infrastructure across 20 locations globally to hold virtual instructor-led classrooms and events; deliver hands-on, self-paced software training; and showcase complex software in sales demos and POCs.

To view Heropa’s listing on Microsoft AppSource, please click here.

Heropa announces the latest release of Virtual Labs, their next generation IT practice labs platform for TAFE, University, and IT learning organisations.

Heropa’s Virtual Labs platform provides TAFEs and Universities with a fast, easy and secure method to create full-featured IT practice labs in the cloud. Using the platform, these organisations can increase student engagement and completion rates, while reducing the total cost of ownership. By using Virtual Labs, students gain unparalleled hands-on access to virtual environments from anywhere.

“This latest release of Virtual Labs has a strong focus on analytics” said Jason Kinsella, Director at Heropa. “One of the key messages we received from visitors to our stand at the EduTech conference this year, was that they all struggled to get access to accurate detailed student activity information. As education moves from classrooms to online environments, student engagement and completion rates significantly decrease, with dropout rates as high as 80%. This latest version of Virtual Labs captures all student activity in real-time and provides both dashboard reporting and scheduled engagement triggers that are completely customisable. By exposing these granular student metrics to course administrators, we have already seen significant increases in student engagement and retention rates. Virtual Labs has always been very strong in providing students with an excellent experience, and now with the introduction of analytics on the platform, the course administrator experience is also greatly enhanced.”

Benefits of the Heropa Virtual Labs platform include:

  • All aspects are fully managed to ensure each student has a secure and predictable experience. This allows educators to focus on teaching, and not the management of the underlying technology.
  • Labs can be scaled to match teaching needs and student numbers. Learning organisations need never be restricted by physical lab environments again. Everything is done on-demand, in the cloud.
  • Security risks are eliminated by removing the need to grant access to an organisation’s internal infrastructure from untrusted traffic sources. Every student environment is fully isolated and secure.
  • Significant cost savings can be realised compared to physical infrastructure deployments, by only paying for consumed resources.

About Heropa

Heropa has revolutionised how Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) deliver IT courses to their students. This Australian cloud provider established in 2010 provides a fast, easy and secure method to create full-featured virtual lab environments in the cloud. With their Virtual Labs platform, organisations can increase student engagement and completion rates, while reducing the total cost of ownership.


For more information, please contact:

Jason Kinsella

Tel: +61 421 733 465