Acceptable Use Policy

  • This policy sets out the acceptable use of the Services provided by Cloud People Pty. Ltd. ABN 87143012908 its successors and assignees (we, ouror us) and what use is prohibited.
  1. No illegal activity

You must not use the Services in any way that violates any applicable law, including the following activities:

  • no spamming: you must not send any unsolicited bulk and/or commercial emails. This includes an email that advertises, promotes or refers to you or your business or is otherwise considered spam under the Spam Act 2003 (Cth);
  • no offensive activities: you must not distribute or receive materials that are illegal, harmful or offensive, defamatory, harassing, abusive, obscene or threatening, including material that is considered sexually explicit or otherwise prohibited;
  • no illegal activities: you must not engage in any activities that are illegal, including gambling or drug trafficking;
  • no harmful or fraudulent activities: you must not engage in activities that are harmful to our reputation or the reputation of a third party. You must not engage in any activities that are fraudulent, such as falsifying your identity in any way, including by forging or modifying email headers; or
  • infringing content: you must not infringe our intellectual property rights or the intellectual property rights of third parties, including reproducing, publishing, communicating or otherwise using any copyright content or trade marks without the intellectual property owner’s consent.
  1. No unauthorized access to, or interference with, computers or networks

You must not use the Services to interfere with the integrity or security of any network, system or software, including the following activities:

  • no access: you must not access, or attempt to access, illegally or without authorization, computers, accounts, servers or networks belonging to us or any third party;
  • no penetrating security measures: you must not penetrate or attempt to penetrate security measures of a third party’s system, including activities used as a precursor to an attempted system penetration;
  • no monitoring: you must not monitor data or traffic without permission; or
  • no viruses: you must not introduce any virus, worm, Trojan horse, denial of service attacks, or other code into the Service with the intention to disrupt access to the Services.
  1. Monitoring and investigating compliance with this policy

We may investigate any violation of this policy, but assume no obligation to do so. On our request, you must assist us investigate any violation of this policy.

  1. Actions we may take if you violate this policy

If you are found to have violated this Policy, we will determine, in our sole discretion, what action will be taken, which may include:

  • issuing a formal warning;
  • removing content either temporarily or permanently;
  • implementing screening software to block offending transmissions;
  • denying you access to the internet;
  • restricting your access to some or all of the Services;
  • charging you for reasonable costs of investigating and dealing with the violation;
  • suspending your account; or
  • terminating your account.
  1. Reporting violations

If you become aware of any violations of this policy, you must notify us immediately at [email protected]